‘Liberated’ David Bullard booted off Twitter



Former newspaper columnist David Bullard feels liberated after being suspended from Twitter yesterday because of a long-winded spat between himself and rape activist Michelle Solomon.

On Wednesday, Solomon took to Facebook and pleaded for help in getting Bullard removed from the social media site because of alleged harassment.

“I’m reporting David Bullard again for his ongoing harassment and threats against me. I seriously can’t take it any more. Please, please help me by reporting him for abusive behaviour and harassment,” said Solomon on Facebook.

Website End Online Misogyny joined Solomon and also urged its followers and supporters to report Bullard.

By yesterday morning, Bullard’s Twitter account had been suspended.

Bullard said he was quite relaxed and had messaged Twitter but was mainly focusing on the liberation he felt as he drove through the countryside, presumably in the Western Cape, in an “open-top car”.

Bullard said he was suspended on the social media platform at the hands of rampant feminists, saying this amounted to an interesting take on press freedom.


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