Rustenburg police warn of ‘sleek’ shebeen robbers

Picture Thinkstock

Picture Thinkstock

Rustenburg police have warned men in the area of a gang of women who trick them into offering accommodation for the night then spike their drinks and rob them.

“Police are appealing to men to refrain from inviting female strangers into their homes in a bid to curb the increasing cases of theft,” said Colonel Sabata Mokgwabone on Friday.

The “beautiful” women’s modus operandi was to befriend lone men in shebeens and then tell them they had nowhere to stay for the night.

The women targeted men who appeared to have money, smartphones, and flashy cars, and managed to inveigle themselves into a night’s accommodation at the man’s house.

“When the victim wakes up a couple of hours later, they discover that the attractive are gone and the properties are stolen,” said Sabata.

In three cases reported to police — the most recent being last Sunday — the men had said they were drugged and then cleaned out by the “sleek” women.

In last week’s case the women drugged a 43-year-old man at his home in Tlhabane and made off with his grey BMW X1, laptop, plasma television, iPad, and cellphones.

The women were still at large.


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