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5 Nov 2014
9:29 am

Floyd Shivambu unconditionally withdraws middle finger

Economic Freedom Fighters chief whip Floyd Shivambu unconditionally apologised on Tuesday for showing Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa the middle finger.

FILE PICTURE: Floyd Shivambu of the EFF arrives for the State of the Nation Address, 17 June 2014, at the Parliament Building in Cape Town. Picture: Alaister Russell

“I wanted to… withdraw and unconditionally apologise for showing the middle finger at the deputy president in this House,” he told the National Assembly.

On September 17, he flipped the bird at Ramaphosa shortly after being booted from the House for calling the deputy president a “murderer”.


“There is no justification for doing that because I do agree and admit that it was inappropriate,” Shivambu told MPs, pleading with them to accept his apology.

“Parliament should be a space where we ideologically and politically engage on issues of substance, and not show signs that are inappropriate.”

Deputy Speaker Lechesa Tsenoli said Shivambu’s apology would be forwarded to Parliament’s powers and privileges committee.

Shivambu faces a contempt of Parliament charge after Speaker Baleka Mbete referred the matter to the committee.