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Murdered Betty Ketani’s daughter takes the stand

Picture: Thinkstock

Picture: Thinkstock

Murdered chef Betty Ketani’s daughter Bulelwa Ketani was the first witness to take the stand in the Palm Ridge Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday morning to testify against three men accused of the murder of her mother.

Bulelwa was 12 and living with relatives in Queenstown in the Eastern Cape when her mother, Betty, disappeared in 1999 while working as a chef at the popular Cranks Thai Restaurant in Johannesburg. Bulelwa is now a 27-year-old mother of two.

She travelled with her little sister Lusanda Ketani from the Eastern Cape to Johannesburg on Monday to testify after the defence disputed the DNA results causing the state to call the children in.

During her testimony, she told the court that she last saw her mother during Easter holidays when Betty came to Queenstown to visit, before she disappeared in 1999.

She also told court that she did not know where her mother was, until two years later when she heard people talking about her mother’s disappearance.

She said that later her aunt told the family that she received a call from Gauteng, telling them that they might have found her mother, but at that time, it was only the bones they recovered.

Forensic pathologist Gert Saayman, who also gave evidence in the Oscar Pistorius trial, is also expected on the witness stand.

Ketani was kidnapped and killed 15 years ago, with her murder coming to light after the discovery of a hidden confession under a carpet. EWN reported. Ketani’s body has never been found and to prove the murder, police are relying on a partial DNA match to a small foot bone found in a shallow grave.

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