Schoolboy rugby players robbed

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons (Diego Grez)

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons (Diego Grez)

A rugby match at Kings Park had an unhappy end for a group of schoolboys who returned to their bus to find that all 50 bags belonging to the boys had been stolen.

According to the Mercury newspaper report on Monday the thieves pretended to be pupils of Hillcrest High School and persuaded the bus driver to give them the keys to the locked bus so they could get their bags.

When the pupils returned to the bus their bags were gone.

“It must have been fairly early because our sports administrator said after the first game, some of the pupils wanted things from the bus, but by then the robbery had already taken place,” Lindsay Gray, the school’s marketing manager, told the newspaper.

“I do not believe that the bus driver was in attendance at the time. He would not have stood there watching as all 50 bags came off the bus and were loaded into a waiting vehicle,” she said.

The school is an e-learning institution, so the pupils, mostly in Grade 11, all had tablets and cellphones in their bags.

Gray said police would not allow the school to open a case as it had to be opened by the bus company.

The company had yet to do so at the time of going to print.

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