CCMA denies infighting

Picture: Thinkstock

Picture: Thinkstock

The Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) on Tuesday denied there were tensions within its ranks.

The CCMA’s head of finance and risk committee, Leon Grobler, said in a statement that the organisation’s governing body met and unanimously expressed complete confidence in CCMA director Nerine Kahn’s abilities.

“Recent media reports have misinterpreted and sensationalised the relationship between the CCMA’s director and its non-executive chairman,” said Grobler.

On Thursday, CCMA officials told Parliament’s portfolio committee on labour that it had turned to the courts to try and cancel a R100m lease agreement for its Cape Town headquarters.

This was after a forensic investigation found they had awarded the contract to the “wrong bidder”.

According to a Sunday Times article, the building had a gaping hole in the facade and no front door.

Grobler said Kahn had reported her suspicions about the Cape Town lease to the CCMA board as soon as she became aware of certain problems.

The CCMA said that Grobler chaired a special board meeting on September 23 in an attempt to “rectify the misunderstanding” between Kahn and the CCMA’s non-executive chairman, Daniel Dube.

Dube wanted Kahn put on special leave, but the CCMA said he immediately withdrew this call.

“The CCMA’s board supported Dube’s withdrawal, not least on the basis that he had no authority to do so, but also because it had no support, nor grounds for any form of special leave for the director,” said Grobler.

“Ms Kahn and Mr Dube remain committed to jointly continue serving the best interest of the CCMA.”



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