Service delivery to blame for brutal Melville murder

Thulani Popoyi's body was discovered outside a club in Melville, Johannesburg on Sunday. Pic: Facebook.

Thulani Popoyi's body was discovered outside a club in Melville, Johannesburg on Sunday. Pic: Facebook.

A lack of service delivery has been blamed for the brutal death of Thulani Popoyi in Melville, Johannesburg.

Local councillor Amanda Forsythe said businesses and their landlords needed to start taking responsibility for what happens inside their premises, and in the suburbs they operate in.

“They can do more to respect the law, clean up and secure their area and put pressure on their peers to do the same. Some businesses are trying hard to do this, but without support from fellow businesses and city officials, it feels like an uphill battle and many give up,” said Forsythe.

This after Popoyi’s, also known as Thulane Robert Hendel, body was found with a number of stab wounds to his neck and chest outside the Dollar Table Bar in Melville, while his chest appeared to have been hacked open.

With investigations underway, Forsythe said the Dollar Table was an illegal club, operating on the restaurant licence of a place called Soi whose doors closed in 2001.

“I have reported it to the police, the liquor board, my ward inspector, Environmental Health, the metro police and various other departments for over a year now,” she said.

“It has been raided and shut down on several occasions, but continually reopens its doors and trades with impunity.”

Building owner Joel Nankin told The Citizen the property’s lease would expire in January next year.

“Whatever must happen to the property according to the law must happen,” said Nankin.

“The place will remain closed for now. I’m not going to get involved and pay the staff, the owner should pay them,” he added.

In February, Melville business owners and patrons were caught off-guard when authorities swooped in for a surprise raid around 9pm.

Buzz 9, on the corner of Seventh Street and Third Avenue was reportedly fined for playing music without an entertainment license, according to Northcliff Melville Times.

City of Joburg spokesperson Nthatisi Modingoane was unable to provide immediate comment on the matter.

“The City of Joburg is aware of the matter and investigations are being conducted,” he said.

Twitter continues to buzz following the murder:

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