Rent not paid – so police and their dogs out on their ear

Four police units consisting of about 200 officers and 15 police dogs were evicted from their Newcastle work premises this week, after the Department of Public Works repeatedly failed to pay the rent.

Eviction orders were delivered at the Organised Crime Unit, situated on Harding Street, as well as the K9 unit, Public Order Policing (POP) unit, and the police vehicle workshop on Marconi Drive on Monday.

A local locksmith was instructed to change the locks on the doors. While some officers scrambled to pack files, dockets and notes for the various cases they are working on into boxes so they could continue working from home, others said they weren’t sure what to do until the rent issue had been resolved.

Police spokesman, Captain Shooz Magudulela, described the situation as, “a disaster that was going to affect staff morale,” but explained further that it was the responsibility of the provincial department to ensure that the rent had been paid.

It is believed that this is the second eviction order that the police have received in the last year. Sources allege that the state received its first eviction order about a year ago and it negotiated with the landlord to clear the backlog in rent in return for the continued use of the premises.

“After no attempt being made by SA Police Service or government to rectify this situation after I made every attempt to facilitate rectification of this matter, it was with reluctance on August 19 that I instituted the court order and proceeded with the eviction,” said landlord Anton van Kampen.

– CNS.


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