Outstanding judgements application shot down

Image courtesy of Stock.xchng

Image courtesy of Stock.xchng

A full bench of the High Court in Pretoria has dismissed a retired judge’s application to prevent a probe into outstanding judgments

Former judge Ntsikelelo Poswa’s application aimed to block a Judicial Service Commission (JSC) investigation after complaints that he had not completed a number of judgments for over a year, some for six years, The Star reported on Tuesday.

Poswa contended that, due to being on medical pension, he was under no obligation to complete the judgments.

Judge Neels Claasen said Poswa had not showed he was not competent to finish the judgments and his assertion “flies in the face of the ethical duties of a judge, whether before or after discharge or retirement”.

Poswa had reportedly complained that the JSC had not speedily dealt with the complaint against him, which Claasen said “smacks of impertinence”, given the six year delay in some of Poswa’s outstanding judgments.


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