Emelia Motsai
2 minute read
6 Oct 2014
5:00 am

Pastor Daniel’s flock eats flowers

Emelia Motsai

Lesego Daniel, the controversial pastor of Rabboni Ministries in Ga-Rankuwa, has said that he “makes the news” while adding that he does not live a life of luxury on the back of his congregants.

FILE PICTURE: Pastor Lesego Daniel tastes a liquid said to be petrol in front of his congregation. He claimed to have turned it into pineapple juice. Picture: YouTube

So unapologetic was he that he yesterday told some of his followers to eat the flowers used to decorate the podium.

“Eat this one,” said Daniel to one of his ushers. The woman ran to the flowers her pastor was pointing to and started chewing off the heads of the daisies and the leaves.

Others started running to the stage to get a taste of the flowers. At first the woman refused to share but Daniel told her to welcome others to also take part in “what the Holy Spirit was doing”.

Soon the whole stage was filled with people chewing away at the flowers.

“I’m making news,” Daniel said standing over his congregation as they fought over the flowers.

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The pastor, who led his congregation to drinking petrol and eating grass, has denied media reports that he is living a life of luxury.

On Sunday, he told his congregation that media reports claiming that his private life was falling apart and that he owned luxury cars and huge piece of land where not true and are only attempts to discredit him.

“I don’t even have a car registered in my name. I give everything to the church,” said Daniel.

Daniel said he did pay for a Mercedes-Benz, but it was not his. He admitted that he was paying for a piece of land, but said he was using his own money and might give that away too when done paying for it.

“I paid for the C-class but it wasn’t even in my name. Do I see it today? The one you see me driving is from a Good Samaritan,” said Daniel to a congregation that clapped and shouted in response.

Daniel told the congregation that the media and ‘other people’ in his church had failed to discredit him previously. Now they were trying to use “material things” to get to him.

But this too would not work because he did not make himself famous. “It is God who makes me known,” he said to which the congregation cheered and clapped.