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5 Oct 2014
3:14 pm

Kruger rhino auction process starts

SA National Parks has placed an advertisement in a Sunday newspaper calling for bids for their white rhinos as part of their rhino management strategy.

Animal activists prepare to take part in the Global March for Elephants, Rhinos and Lions ,4 October 2014, in Sandton, Johannesburg. The international event was held in over a hundred cities around the world and saw protesters march against the killing of elephants and rhinos for ivory and rhino horns. Picture: Alaister Russell

The advertisement invites people to place offers to “purchase white rhinos in batches of 20 or more”.

The rhino management strategy was adopted by Cabinet in August to curb poaching in the Kruger National Park.

Relocation and auctioning of the rhino formed the main tenets of the strategy.

All bids would be “assessed for functionality, including habitat suitability and security assessment,” the advert said.

The sales would also be subject to a memorandum of agreement.

Earlier in October, SANParks chairman, Kuseni Dlamini said the agreement was to ensure that the relocated animals contributed to the conservation of the species and the growth of the rhino population.

“These agreements will be linked to management plans with clear objectives and targets for the growth of populations that are being introduced in new range areas,” he said.

The money raised from the sales would be ploughed back into conservation. This included the purchase of additional conservation land to expand the range for rhinos, the restoration of ecosystems and the employment of additional rangers.

– Sapa