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30 Sep 2014
4:10 pm

Hangberg residents torch six cars in protest

Citizen Reporter

No arrests have been made following violent protests where angry demonstrators went on the rampage, setting four cars alight in Hangberg in the Western Cape.

Residents carry their belongings past cars torched during overnight violence at a block of flats in Hangberg in Hout Bay on Tuesday, 30 September 2014. People living in Hangberg went on the rampage torching cars and damaging a local market in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Picture: Nardus Engelbrecht/SAPA

Residents at the Panorama Hill complex, an upmarket block of flats at the entrance to Hangberg, had been targeted by demonstrators who allegedly burned and damaged six vehicles this morning, according to Cape Argus.

Resident Elizabeth Hoffman said on Facebook that the chaos had sounded like war.

“… My grandkids were too scared to go to school. Where will it all end?” she asked.

Protests had started this morning following the arrest of a local resident identified as Tony Jonker, who had “breached a high court order”.

Jonker was said to have allegedly built structures illegally along the firebreak (clearing) between the community and SANParks land.

Western Cape Premier Helen Zille previously said part of the Development Action Group’s upgrading plan in 2006 had been a commitment by the community that no further structures would be erected in the informal settlement.

“However; in violation of the agreement, more structures were built, and extended into the firebreak that separates Hangberg from land belonging to the SANParks Board,” she said.

“The firebreak prevents regular mountain fires from spreading to the houses below.  It is, obviously, unlawful to build structures in the firebreak.”

A stand-off between the City’s Anti-Land Invasion Unit (ALU), assisted by the police and the community had taken place in 2010, when police were allegedly stoned and three community members each lost an eye.

Police and city law enforcement officials were reportedly monitoring the area.

Twitter users react to the violence: