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30 Sep 2014
1:03 pm

Road death victims robbed at accident scene

Citizen Reporter

The families of two men who died in a KwaZulu-Natal car crash have expressed disgust upon learning that the victims had been robbed at the scene moments before their deaths.

The scene of the crash after the victims were removed from the vehicle and robbed on Sunday morning. Pic: Berea Mail.

A family spokesperson told Berea Mail that the victims had been removed from the vehicle following the crash on Sunday morning, and robbed of their cellphones and wallets.

“It is pathetic and inhumane to think that people, even robbers can prey on victims,” the unidentified spokesperson reportedly said.

“They could see from the damage that it was such a serious accident so it is shocking that they would steal from the dead.”

The victims of the crash and robbery on John Zikhali (Sydenham) Road near the Durban Botanic Gardens had been identified as Avinash Budree (29) and his friend Samuel Kisten (29).

Both had allegedly been dragged from the wrecked vehicle and robbed of their possessions by two men driving a VW Golf and a Polo, before being left to die on the pavement.

This after the vehicle they had been traveling in veered over a pavement and destroyed a tree before skidding to a halt on its side.

The crash and robbery was believed to have been captured on the city’s CCTV camera network, as investigations continue.

Rescue Care operations manager Garrith Jamieson said that theft from crash victims was not uncommon, as stealing from freight vehicles that crashed had also become a significant problem.

“We often see cases like this and it is abhorrent. People are often trapped and injured in their cars and thieves take advantage of that to rob them blind,” said Jamieson.