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17 Sep 2014
12:18 pm

Sanral asked to speak to Makhura on e-tolls

Sanral requested a meeting with Gauteng premier David Makhura on e-tolling before he set up a review panel, it said on Wednesday.

FILE PICTURE: Gauteng premier David Makhura. Picture: Alaister Russell

“Perceptions that we were not prepared to enter into dialogue are therefore unfortunate,” SA National Roads Agency Limited acting board chair Dudu Nyamane said in a statement.

“We took a pro-active step and communicated our position on this matter.

“We also requested an audience with the premier to understand his position and exchange views on how, together, we can address the challenges of funding road infrastructure without it being at the expense of social infrastructure.”

Sanral had sent an eight-page letter to Makhura prior to the start of the 15-member panel’s hearings.

Sanral could not make a presentation to the panel as it was accountable and responsible to the shareholder – Transport Minister Dipuo Peters.

“We do not take instructions from any political party as was recently reported in the media but from the shareholder and the relevant legislation governing Sanral. We are an implementing agency of government,” said Nyamane.

“It is unfortunate that a single percentage of Sanral’s work has been the cause of much misinformation, propaganda and belligerence – to such an extent that at times it threatened the mandate of such an important national asset.”

She said the user-pays principle was a fair one that had made it possible to improve vital Gauteng roads.

Sanral’s road network was recognised world-wide as one of the best internationally, she said.