JeVanne Gibbs
1 minute read
9 Sep 2014
3:17 pm

Police ‘help’ looters raid truck after accident (video)

JeVanne Gibbs

Cape police have denied claims that officers at an accident scene near Beaufort West assisted residents in looting a truck.

A screengrab of the video that appears to show a police officer 'assisting' residents who were looting a truck after an accident.

Police spokesperson Captain Bernadine Steyn told The Citizen that the three police members who were on the scene had tried to prevent the group from taking the goods.

Steyn said members had been assaulted during the attempt to stop the group of about 130 people who gathered around the truck on the road between Drie Susters and Richmond on Thursday.

“The three members sustained less serious injuries,” she said.

The incident was recorded by Danie and Annalise Marais, who posted the video on Facebook.

They claimed that Beaufort West traffic officials had tried their best to stop the people from looting, but were allegedly told by the police to “do their job and just regulate the traffic”.

A man wearing a police high-visibility jacket is seen in the footage presumably helping people hold open the sails covering the sides of the truck, as people offload the cargo.

Traffic officials are also seen at one point making no attempt to stop the looters.

The vehicle is believed to have been carrying various foodstuffs, when the driver lost control and veered off the road, according to Newcastle Advertiser.

Steyn said the truck had been travelling towards Cape Town with a load of maize meal, samp mielies and sweets.

“No criminal case was opened with regards to the incident,” she said.

“An accident report was opened.”