Amanda Watson
News Editor
2 minute read
9 Sep 2014
1:42 pm

Rape-accused claims victim has vendetta

Amanda Watson

A Soweto man charged with rape has claimed his accuser did so because of a "misunderstanding" in 1998.

The accused, who appeared in the Protea Magistrates Court on Tuesday, is also charged for a second rape he is alleged to have committed while on bail.

In November Alice* reported to police she was raped by an adjacent neighbour. Initially his face was concealed with his jacket but during and after the alleged rape his face become uncovered and thanks to the rising sun, was able to recognise him, Alice testified earlier.

She also testified the accused told her when he realised she could identify him, told her he did not want to go back to jail and pleaded with her not to report the case.

Alice stated she would not report him because the accused threatened her life before the rape.

On Tuesday the accused, who may not be named as it would identify the complainant, testified in his defense that he had known the complainant since 1994.

The “misunderstanding”, he said, came about when she falsely accused him of having been in her house and taking her house keys. Since then the relationship had soured and whenever he greeted her, she never returned the greeting.

It was simply a coincidence the accused identified him because of this.

On the night in question, the accused stated he was watching soccer on television before going to a tavern to DJ with a friend. He eventually returned home at about 5.30am – the time the alleged rape took place.

It was not a story prosecutor Job Masina bought and tackled the accused on the supposed “coincidences”.

The accused said he had no answer for why things happened the way they did. Masina did manage to elicit from the accused he had no problem with any of the States other evidence, only with his identification.

The accused is appearing later in another court for the new rape charge. He remains in custody.

The trial continues.

*Not her real name.