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9 Sep 2014
12:03 pm

KZN residents ‘stone’ suspected hijackers (video)

Citizen Reporter

Video footage has captured the moment KwaZulu-Natal residents apparently foiled an attempted hijacking by 'stoning' the suspects.

The CCTV footage, uploaded on YouTube by Clayton Naicker, shows residents in the Chatsworth area pelting suspected hijackers with stones, according to Rising Sun Chatsworth.

The suspected hijackers are seen exiting an unidentified vehicle and running towards a driver of another vehicle – who is carrying a toddler.

Putting on a united front, residents in the street immediately begin stoning the allegedly armed suspects, managing to successfully foil the assumed attempted hijacking.

The video ends with suspects returning to their vehicle and driving off.

Comments about the video on Facebook range from “Criminals beware…Thats how we do it in Chatsworth…Those days of us being ‘sitting ducks’ are gone”.

On Twitter concerns were raised over the safety of the child being carried in the arm’s of one of the men seen pelting the ‘hijackers’.

In Gauteng, four-year-old Taegrin Morris ended up being dragged to his death in Reiger Park after his foot became caught in a seatbelt when hijackers stole his mother’s VW Golf at gunpoint.

Automobile Association (AA) said although there is no fool proof plan to avoid ever being hijacked, there are certain steps and measures that motorists can take to limit the chances of being hijacked. These include being familiar with one’s environment and keeping alert to anything that might be out of the ordinary.