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8 Sep 2014
5:43 pm

IFP making reckless claims – ANC

The IFP was irresponsible in claiming that an attack on its KwaZulu-Natal by-elections candidate was politically motivated, the ANC said on Monday.

FILE PICTURE: People cast their vote. Picture: Michel Bega

“These claims are baseless, reckless and dangerous as they have a potential to create unnecessary tensions between IFP members and those of other parties ahead of the by-election,” said African National Congress KwaZulu-Natal spokesman Bongani Tembe.

Inkatha Freedom Party member Thanduyise Norman Mkhwanazi was stabbed four times outside his house on Saturday morning. Nothing was taken from him.

He is the party’s candidate for the Ward 12 by-election in Newcastle.

IFP chairman Blessed Gwala said on Sunday there seemed to be something sinister about the attack.

“It appeared to be politically motivated, so they disadvantage the IFP as we move towards the by-elections taking place on September 17.

“We view such incidents as assaults on our hard-fought-for democracy,” he said.

The ANC has called on Gwala to publicly withdraw his claims.

“As a party that promotes peace and the rule of law, we appeal to the people of Ward 12 not to get swayed by the politically motivated insinuations made by irresponsible leaders who want to create an atmosphere of instability and lawlessness,” said Tembe.

He said all political parties should continue campaigning freely ahead of the by-elections.

He condemned the attack and called on the police to make a quick arrest.

– Sapa