Ernest Wolmarans
1 minute read
8 Sep 2014
4:45 pm

Eskom warns of load shedding this week

Ernest Wolmarans

Eskom on Monday hinted it may be forced to implement load shedding as it struggles to meet demand demand this week.

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In a statement, the utility said that while its power system was expected to be “tight” during Monday’s evening peak period, the situation was expected to descend into the “extremely constrained” category over the following few days.

Without going into detail, Eskom cited “planned and unplanned outages” that would likely push the system well past its limits, despite the use of all available emergency reserves.

Capacity available to meet Monday’s forecasted demand of just over 33 200 MW was touted at 34 370 MW, with “no cushioning should anything unexpected (unplanned outages) occur”.

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Demand for Tuesday and Wednesday evening peak periods were expected to reach 32 830 MW while supply was expected to flounder at just under 32 300 MW – a hefty 530 MW gap that the utility was unlikely to fill.

The gap is expected to widen on Thursday, making load shedding even more of a possibility.

While Fridays normally bring welcomed relief, the utility said that the system would remain “constrained” this Friday.

The situation would likely only stabilise on the weekend, Eskom’s status report noted.