Alex Mitchley
2 minute read
8 Sep 2014
4:19 pm

SANDU calls for the axing of Maphatsoe after ‘CIA spy’ claims

Alex Mitchley

The South African National Defence Union (SANDU) has called on President Jacob Zuma to axe the Deputy Minister of Defence and Military Veterans, Kebby Maphatsoe, after he claimed that the Public Protector is a spy for the CIA.

MKMVA chairperson Kebby Maphatsoe. File photo: GCIS

“His conduct has indisputably brought the Department of Defence and South Africa into disrepute and constitutes a criminal offence,” SANDU said it a statement.

This comes after the MK Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) briefed media on attacks on ANC leadership on Monday morning.

During the briefing, Maphatsoe said Public Protector Thuli Madonsela must tell the country who her “handlers” are, as well as claimed that Madonsela was running a parallel government, thus labelling her as an enemy agent.

Maphatsoe did not give any factual evidence to support his claims, but during a question and answer session held after the briefing told reporters that it is normally very difficult to say whether someone was a spy, but that you could tell by their actions.

SANDU said it had taken notice of the claims as well as, “Maphatsoe’s embarrassing egg dance, afterwards, whilst trying to contain the fallout caused by his incredulous claims.”

The National Secretary of SANDU Pikkie Greeff said one should Maphatsoe being the Deputy Minister of Defence, would have access to all the Military Intelligence services’ information, as well as that of other national security structures, and as a result would have the necessary evidence to back up such serious claims.

“One would further expect that, even if government has such evidence, it would let the law take its course and ensure an arrest and prosecution,” said Greeff

“The fact that Maphatsoe did neither then embarrassingly tried to wiggle his way out of the claims by means of vague aspersions, suggests that he was lying publicly and defaming the Public Protector wilfully. The latter is a criminal offense in terms of the Public Protector Act.”

SANDU has said Maphatsoe should be criminally prosecuted for his wilful and malicious attack on the office of the Public Protector.

“Antics like these bear testimony to the innate unfitness of Maphatsoe to serve as a Deputy Minister.”