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5 Sep 2014
5:30 pm

Robbery-accused nabbed in parly village

A man who boasted that his mother was a member of Parliament during his arrest for robbery appeared in the Bellville Regional Court in Cape Town on Friday.

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Samelle Mdaka, son of ANC MP Nomakhaya Mdaka, appeared before magistrate W Rixana, who postponed the case to September 23 for closing argument.

The accused’s address was indicated on the charge sheet as D55 Acacia Park, a complex where members of Parliament live.

Prosecutor Barry van der Berg alleges that the accused entered a home in Goodwood, in Cape Town’s northern suburbs, late at night in November last year, through an open front door.

At the time, the resident, Lumgelo Nokwaza, had fallen asleep in the lounge, while watching TV, while his wife, Zoleka, and his daughter, Aluta, were in their respective bedrooms.

It is alleged that Mdaka walked through the open front door to the kitchen, where he armed himself with a knife, and then robbed the mother and daughter at knifepoint.

The commotion awoke the father, and a scuffle ensued between him and Mdaka.

It is alleged that Mdaka broke loose from the father’s grip, and fled with jewellery and clothing that included a leather biker’s jacket that he wore as he escaped.

As chance would have it, Zoleka Nokwaza later visited a friend living in the same house in Acacia Park as the accused.

Zoleka told the court that she saw and recognised Mdaka in the Acacia Park house as the man who had robbed them, and that Mdaka was “visibly uncomfortable” when he saw her.

“He avoided eye contact with me, and kept looking away,” she added.

She pretended not to notice him, but informed the police of his whereabouts.

She accompanied police to the Acacia Park residence, where Mdaka was arrested.

During his arrest, Mdaka protested several times that his mother was an MP, Zoleka said.

She said the police official was given warm clothing for Mdaka to wear in the police cell, including her son’s leather jacket.

She was able to identify the jacket through a burn mark on one of the sleeves.

Mdaka, who pleaded not guilty to three counts of armed robbery, said he had an alibi, namely that he had been at home in Acacia Park, with his family, on the night of the alleged robbery.

He is due to appear again on September 23.