Blade Nzimande in bid to cut racism

FILE PICTURE: Blade Nzimande. Picture: Neil McCartney

Educational institutions must nurture tolerance, racial integration, and human dignity, Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande said on Thursday.

He was presenting a draft policy on social inclusion in the post-school education and training system.

“The intention of this policy framework is to ensure that educational institutions recognise and promote integration, a culture of human rights, unity in diversity, as well as human dignity,” he said.

“This, however, cannot be achieved without the commitment of individual South Africans and relevant civil society organisations to the values of a non-racial society,” he told reporters in Cape Town.

Institutions should also focus on nurturing students to prepare them for a positive role in a democratic South Africa.

“We also call on institutions to [make] concrete progressive changes in the administration of student hostels.

“It has been observed that certain institutions implement policies that exclude students from specific racial groups,” said Nzimande.

Such exclusionary practices were having a negative impact in some students’ academic performance and integration.

The draft social inclusion policy framework would be published in the Government Gazette and the public was urged to send comments to the higher education department.

Once approved, Nzimande said the framework would serve as a guide for all public educational institutions falling under his department.


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