Girl who cried kidnap and rape arrested

FILE PIC: A rape hot spot warning sign. Picture: Neil McCartney

In a shocking twist, Edenvale police has arrested the 15-year-old girl who claimed she was kidnapped and raped over the weekend.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Robbie Roberts told Bedfordview Edenvale News that the girl had lied to police officers as well as her guardians about the incident.

The girl had reportedly confessed that she had met with a man on Facebook and had spent the weekend with him.

In a YouTube video, police confirmed the girl was released into the custody of her guardians this afternoon, after having been arrested this morning.

This after the girl was found in Sunninghill on Saturday, after she was allegedly abducted while walking from Edenglen to Highway Gardens.

The ‘kidnapped’ girl reportedly told police officers that her kidnappers also raped her.

NPO Women and Men Against Child Abuse operations manager Tania Otto told The Citizen that a thorough police investigation should be conducted to determine what had really happened to the girl.

“Parents need to make their children aware of how serious rape allegations are and the consequences of making such an allegation, whether true or false,” said Otto.

“An allegation of rape is not a joke, it is very serious.”

Otto added that it has happened that teenagers find themselves in a situation where they fool around and cannot deal with the consequences of their actions.

“We do find teenagers getting involved with people on social networks who end up pretending to be someone they are not. In these cases the teens are often taken advantage of and indeed raped. Police need to investigate this matter,” said Otto.

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