WCape man jailed for raping and killing niece

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A man was handed two life sentences by the Western Cape High Court for kidnapping, raping, and killing his 11-year-old niece, the NPA said on Monday.

Andrew Davids was sentenced to two life terms and 10 years direct imprisonment for the crimes against 11-year-old Tasneem Fischer, Western Cape National Prosecuting Authority spokesman Eric Ntabazalila said in a statement.

The sentences would run concurrently.

The girl’s aunt was married to Davids and they became estranged.

“Mr Davids told Judge President John Hlophe that he was reconciling with his wife, Stephlin Fischer, but the grandmother was not accepting his attempts to make amends with his wife.”

On February 18, 2014, Davids went to Mannenberg with the intention of killing his wife, he said.

He waited for his estranged wife along the route she took to work.

“Fortunately for her, she was ill on that day and did not go to work. Mr Davids waited until early evening.”

While waiting he saw the girl and called her.

“He decided that he would hurt the little girl in order to hurt his wife and the grandmother. He was aware that the deceased was her grandmother’s favourite child,” Ntabazalila said.

Davids kidnapped her and took her to Ysterplaat by train.

When they arrived in Ysterplaat, he took her to a dilapidated building at the Maitland Centre Core building, where he raped her anally.

“He then put a tie around her neck and strangled her until she lost consciousness. While she was lying on the floor, he took a large cement block and threw it repeatedly on her head. He repeated that until he was satisfied that she was dead.”

After killing her Davids went home washed, changed into clean clothes and handed himself to police.

“The deceased paid the ultimate price for a dispute between adults that had nothing to do with her. The NPA is satisfied with the sentence and will continue its fight to ensure justice for the most vulnerable in our society.”


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