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18 Aug 2014
1:33 pm

Prostitute angry at pimp, court hears

A woman told the Durban Regional Court on Monday she was angry with the man in the dock, Sandile Patrick Zweni, because he assaulted her and taught her to smoke drugs.

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“I don’t hate him. I’m angry with him. He assaulted me and sent a girl to teach me how to smoke drugs,” the woman said during cross-examination by Mbulelo July, for Zweni.

Zweni alleged operated a prostitution ring from the Inn Town Lodge in Durban. The woman, who may not be identified, allegedly worked for him.

Zweni, along with Nonduzo Dlamini, Bhabha Dubazini, Genchen Rugnath, and Rugnath’s wife Ravina have all pleaded not guilty to 156 charges, including assault, rape, sexual exploitation of a child, and racketeering.

The woman is the fifth prostitute to testify in the case.

Rugnath claims he knew nothing about prostitution at his hotel, in Durban’s Point Road area, which is known for its red-light activities, and left the running of his hotel to his manageress Veena Budhram.

Budhram was initially charged in the matter but has since turned State witness.

The woman testifying on Monday said she did not know the Rugnaths or Dubazini. She only knew Zweni and Dlamini.

She said she left the Inn Town Lodge in January 2012 after Zweni assaulted her.