Amanda Watson
News Editor
1 minute read
24 Jul 2014
12:20 pm

Krejcir witness ‘did not want to get involved’

Amanda Watson

Radovan Krejcir's advocate continued to poke holes in a State witnesses testimony on Thursday as the trial continued in the South Gauteng High Court, sitting in Palm Ridge.

Evidence being presented during the trial of Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir in the South gauteng High Court, sitting in Palm Ridge Magistrates court in Johannesburg 23 July 2014. Picture: Amanda Watson

The Czech fugitive, Sandton businessman Desai Luphondo; former police officers Samuel “Saddam” Maropeng, Nthoroane and Jan Mofokeng; and Siboniso Miya are on trial for the kidnapping and attempted murder of Bheki Lukhele in June last year.

Krejcir and Luphondo are also facing charges of dealing in 25kg of crystal methamphetamine.

Bhekizitha Khumalo testified on Tuesday that after he and Lukhele’s brother, Doctor, delivered the drugs to a man named Morris in a white Nissan Navara, Luphondo began calling him and Doctor incessantly.

Eventually, said Khumalo, they agreed to meet with Luphondo at a petrol station. Khumalo took his brothers with him to the meeting to act as witnesses “in case anything went wrong”. He also said no one was armed at the meeting.

According to Khumalo’s testimony, the white Nissan Navara was also parked nearby.

Luphondo allegedly told to Doctor he was looking for Krejcir’s bag and the conversation went on in the vein for a few minutes, said Khumalo.

It was Khumalo’s apparent lack of fear over the consequences of the drugs going missing that defense advocate Annelene Van den Heever and sitting Judge Colin Lamont seemed to find issue with.

With an alleged R24 million in missing drugs, Van den Heever found it incredulous that Khumalo did not simply point to the Navara and say the people inside were the last ones to have the drugs.

Khumalo’s response?

“I did not want to get involved.”

The trial continues.