‘Dog dragging’ animal cruelty case postponed

Image courtesy of Stock.xchng

Image courtesy of Stock.xchng

A man accused of dragging his dog behind his car appeared in the Knysna Magistrate’s Court on Friday, a court official said.

Petrus Meyer, 65, would be back in court on August 14 after the matter was postponed for consultation with his lawyer, district control prosecutor Johan Engelbrecht said.

At his previous appearance on June 17, Meyer was released on a warning.

Knysna Animal Welfare Society chairman Martin van Leeuwen said at the time that two Brenton on Lake residents had laid an animal cruelty charge against Meyer.

Police spokeswoman Captain Bernadine Steyn said the case was opened at the Knysna police station on June 13.

“On June 12 [Thursday] at about 4pm a dog was allegedly dragged with a rope around its neck behind a vehicle in Galjoen Street.”

Meyer was arrested on June 14. He allegedly dragged the dog in a fit of anger after it escaped from his house.

The dog was admitted to the Knysna Veterinary Clinic on the same day.


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