Mom hijacked outside pre-primary school (video)

An unsuspecting mother was hijacked of her vehicle, outside a school in the Kloof area in KwaZulu Natal, with the entire ordeal caught on CCTV footage. Read more.

The vehicle seen being hijacked in CCTV footage recorded outside the Kloof pre-primary school in KwaZulu-Natal has been recovered.

The footage of the incident has been handed to police to aid in the ensuing investigation, after going viral.

Enforce security services confirmed that the mother in the video, identified as Susan West, sustained no injuries during the incident which occurred on Tuesday. At the start of the video, West is seen arriving at the school, parking the vehicle and later exits with her child.

The three suspects make their first appearance in the video at the 50 second mark. The suspects casually walk across the parking lot and hang around until an unsuspecting West returns.

At the 1:30 mark of the video, the suspects notice West returning and move in towards her.

It is believed the suspects held her up by gunpoint just outside the view of the camera and demanded the keys to the vehicle. Two members of the public, who noticed the scene unfolding, attempted to block the suspects in.

The suspects, who remained calm and casual throughout the hijacking, proceeded to point a firearm at the drivers attempting to assist, forcing the two motorists to retreat. They then drove off with the members of the public in pursuit.

Kloof resident Peter Booth confirmed that the member of the public seen pursuing the suspects in a Hyundai Atos, was his son Nigel.

“Nigel put his lights on and blew the hooter, and managed to attract a police vehicle which gave chase,” Booth said on Facebook.

“… When threatened with a gun by the hijackers, he backed off but had the courage to give chase, even with a little Atos. It can be done; we can stop ourselves being done in if we take courage as Nigel did.”

No arrests were said to have been made following the incident. Investigations are on-going.


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