JeVanne Gibbs
1 minute read
26 Jun 2014
3:15 pm

Metal thieves plunder Power Park building (video)

JeVanne Gibbs

Rescue workers continue to search for missing people following the collapse of a decommissioned power station in Power Park, Soweto.

Rescue workers take sniffer dogs into the collapsed power park building, Soweto, 25 June 2014. The building collapsed early this morning after suspected metal thieves were in the building possibly causing the collapse and trapping 4 of them. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

The building collapsed early yesterday morning after suspected metal thieves were in the structure, possibly causing the downfall, and trapping an unconfirmed number of people.

Video footage obtained by The Citizen show men believed to be stripping metal from the building. According to Godfrey Williams who shot the video, the incident occurred earlier this year.

Joburg Emergency Management Services (EMS) spokesperson Nana Radebe said the search would continue until all involved were found.

A total of five people have been found so far. One of them was classified dead on the scene. We are currently working to get his body out of the rubble,” said Radebe.

Earlier today, a man’s arm was amputated before he was rescued from the building.

Operations to stabilise the structure with the use of specialised equipment had resumed before 10am this morning.

Cooperative Governance MEC Jacob Mamabolo was expected to visit the location today, to conduct an inspection of the site where the incident occurred.