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26 Jun 2014
11:04 am

Soweto man’s arm amputated in rescue after building collapse

A man's arm was amputated before he was rescued on Thursday morning from a building which collapsed in Power Park, Soweto, Johannesburg emergency management services said.

Rescue workers take sniffer dogs into the collapsed power park building, Soweto, 25 June 2014. The building collapsed early this morning after suspected metal thieves were in the building possibly causing the collapse and trapping 4 of them. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

“The man was taken out after 3am, and it was difficult for the trauma doctors to access him so we had to gain access from under the site,” she said.

“His arm was amputated while he was still trapped because we could not move the building from his hand, because it could destabilise the area and cause a secondary collapse.”

He was pinned to the ground by a beam on his hand. The rescue team had to remove metals, beams, and concrete to help him. He was taken to hospital in a stable but critical condition, she said.

This brought the number of people rescued to five. One person died after the building, an old power station behind the Orlando towers, collapsed on Wednesday.

“So far we have no confirmation of any other person being trapped,” Radebe said.

Operations to stabilise the building would resume shortly before 10am using specialised equipment.

On Wednesday, Radebe said paramedics received a call from an injured man who claimed to have been part of a group allegedly trying to steal cables and metal from the building.