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26 Jun 2014
7:51 am

Immigration rules may hit tourism

The revised immigration regulations may have possible unintended consequences for the tourism industry, Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom said on Wednesday.

FILE PICTURE: Derek Hanekom Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

Tourism stakeholders had highlighted the consequences to the department, he said in a statement.

“Industry role players highlighted two specific provisions — the requirement for an unabridged birth certificate for minors, and the provision for in-person collection of biometric data.”

It was believed that the measures might impact the country’s competitiveness.

“Countries are attempting to ease visa requirements to promote tourism.”

Hanekom said the regulations were revised with good intentions but the unintended negative consequences should be taken seriously.

“Any matter that could have a detrimental impact on international tourist arrivals to South Africa is a concern.”

He said the department would carefully consider any negative impact of well-intentioned measures on international tourist arrivals.