Twitter troll advises ‘kaff*rs’ not to follow her

A relatively new Twitter account has all the hallmarks of a typical Twitter troll, and will no doubt soon be blocked.

An anonymous social media user who calls herself Apartheid Hana announced her return towards the end of last month in the most brazenly racist manner, by declaring that she didn’t want “kaffirs” to follow her.

@HanaKrauss’s comment, unsurprisingly, did not sit well with other Twitter users.

“My account is back up and running. I will keep defending the west and fighting white genocide. No kaffirs need follow,” wrote the user.

It is unclear where she was or why she left but one user asked if Hana could again immediately be blocked.

Hana is probably just another troll that we’ll never know much about aside from the fact that they want to hide behind the cowardly anonymity of the internet.

According to her Twitter bio, she grew up in the USA and is now apparently in “college” here in South Africa. If you believe that, though, you’ll probably believe anything.

She had about 1070 followers on Monday afternoon, many of them – hopefully much to her chagrin – black. However, since she’s merely a Twitter troll, the person behind the account would actually want to have black people follow “her”, just so that “she” can offend them by saying the most outrageous things. Because that’s just how trolls are, people.

You can see some examples of that below.

A Google reverse image search of her profile picture linked her to another Twitter account, which is also a troll, by the looks of it – that of @Highheeled_Kami, a “Very Feminine Nordic descent woman” who likes “traditional” living and is opposed to feminism and loves nationalism.

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