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29 Jun 2018
4:05 pm

Officials helping MPs with land reform being racially abused – parly


Their cellphone numbers have been made public to help with media liaison, but people are calling them with racist insults and other abuse.

Photo is for illustrative purposes only. Picture: AFP

Parliament says it has been alerted to “verbally abusive and racist phone calls” being made to officials assisting the legislature’s committee looking at a possible review of section 25 of the Constitution dealing with property land rights.

“Parliament condemns this abusive behaviour in the strongest terms,” parliament’s spokesperson Moloto Mothapo said.

“Several officials currently travelling with the committee, whose mobile phone numbers have been made public to assist with media liaison and public mobilisation, have complained of receiving racist insults and other abuse from callers.”

The committee is looking into whether section 25 of the Constitution should be changed to allow for the expropopriation of land without compensation.

The committee was established after a resolution was adopted in the National Assembly, after the majority of political parties in parliament acknowledged that 24 years after apartheid-rule was dismantled, most of the land in the country remained in hands of whites – a minority in South Africa.

– African News Agency (ANA)

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