‘Technical fault on set’ reportedly led to Willemse’s walkout

Ashwin Willemse during his on-air walkout.

Ashwin Willemse during his on-air walkout.

Reports saying Willemse walked off because of a technical glitch however do not explain how that correlates with what he told Nick Mallett and Naas Botha.

A technical fault on set precipitated SuperSport presenter Ashwin Willemse’s walk-off on live television last weekend, according to reports.

Sport24 reports that the studio panel ran out of time which meant Willemse was not given the chance to speak, after a pre-match segment for the Lions-Brumbies match had to be cut from 10 minutes to three.

Before Willemse walked off he said: “I’m not going to be patronised by two players who played in Apartheid – a segregated era – who come and want to undermine me.”

Pay-TV station Multichoice’s SuperSport started an investigation into the Willemse saga with a meeting in Johannesburg on Monday.

The presenters of Saturday’s rugby broadcast Willemse, Nick Mallett, Naas Botha and Motshidisi Mohono, as well as the production staff, attended the meeting.

After the meeting the official statement released by SuperSport did not shed much light on the matter, and read as follows:

“Following the on-air incident on Saturday, senior management and staff of MultiChoice and SuperSport met with the four presenters, namely Ashwin Willemse, Nick Mallett, Naas Botha and Motshidisi Mohono, at SuperSport today.

“Meetings were also conducted with Anthony Banks, the director, and Mandla Ntsibande, the producer, who worked on the night.

“The meetings were positive and cordial with the presenters engaging directly with one another. There was a significant move in the parties finding common ground.”

African News Agency (ANA)

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