Alex Mitchley and Sapa
1 minute read
5 Jun 2014
6:08 pm

Police investigating Brits mob justice attack

Alex Mitchley and Sapa

A video of another mob justice incident which resulted in the death of a man in Mpumalanga is being investigated by police.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons (Diego Grez)

The man, accused of allegedly stealing a cellphone was beaten to death by at least two people in front a crowd. The victim is pictured being pushed around, thrown to the ground and kicked and punched repeatedly.

It is alleged the stolen cellphone belonged to a supermarket owner and was lying on the counter in the shop. The victim was chased by members of the public who supposedly witnessed him taking the phone.

Police say the incident occurred in May and that they are in possession of the video.

“Yes, we are investigating the incident. It happened on Friday, May 16,” Brigadier Selvy Mohlala said.

“We are in possession of the video but it only surfaced last week Friday. We are looking at those people in the video and we hope with the assistance of the community we can make arrests.”

Earlier this year another vigilante act was carried out by residents in Mpumalanga after four men allegedly attacked and killed a family and raped their daughter.