Carla Venter
1 minute read
4 Jun 2014
6:00 am

Waterkloof 4 crash victim ‘doing much better’

Carla Venter

Reinach Tiedt, one of the so-called Waterkloof Four, is recuperating after injuring a neck vertebrae in a car accident last week.

FILE PICTURE: Reinach Tiedt leaves the Department of Correctional Services on February 11, 2014 in Pretoria, South Africa. The Waterkloof Four were released on parole after serving half their sentences. Picture: Gallo Images / Foto24 / Herman Verwey.

Tiedt, who is out on parole, has been in the news again after he was involved in an accident in Pretoria in which 41-year-old mother Colette Lippold was seriously injured.

Police spokesperson Dave Miller said yesterday that Tiedt was not drinking at the time, but unopened cans of alcohol were found on the scene.

“He was not tested for alcohol. If the officers had suspected anything they would have tested him,” Miller said.

He confirmed that a case of reckless driving was opened but that Tiedt has not been charged.

It is procedure to open a case of reckless driving in the case of a serious injury to any party in a car accident.

Jenny Brewis, Tiedt’s attorney, said her client sustained neck, shoulder and head injuries and broke one of his neck vertebrae.

The police were still investigating the circumstances of the accident.

“Rumours that Reinach has been charged with reckless driving are completely untrue and malicious,” Brewis added.

She said that Tiedt swerved to avoid something in the road and lost control of the vehicle when he tried to correct the swerve.

“It could have happened to anyone,” she added.

According to Colette Lippold’s colleague at Dr Frederik Hoogendijk’s medical offices, she was moved out of the intensive care unit in hospital yesterday.

“She is tired but doing much better,” the colleague said.

Lippold’s two sons, who were also in the accident, were “completely fine”.

Department of Correctional Services spokesperson Manelisi Wolela said they were investigating the accusations made against Tiedt.

However, Brewis rubbished as rumours that there was an investigation into Tiedt’s parole.

“There is definitely no investigation pending regarding Reinach’s parole,” she said.