“Gauteng roadblocks not about e-tolls”

Image courtesy stock.xchnge

Image courtesy stock.xchnge

Roadblocks in different parts of Gauteng on Tuesday were not linked to e-tolling, the department of community safety said on Tuesday.

“The Gauteng traffic police today [Tuesday] have operations across different parts of the province focusing on vehicle and driver fitness,” said spokesman Thapelo Moiloa.

“Each of these operations must not be misconstrued as anything other than law enforcement.”

Justice Project SA (JPSA) said people whose vehicles had no defects were stopped at a roadblock along Atlas Road and asked why they did not have e-tags.

They were also asked why they were driving on the e-toll roads without an e-tag. Their names and ID numbers were recorded.

“There is no requirement for any person to have an e-tag in any law and even Sanral’s spokesperson, Vusi Mona, and others have confirmed this,” said chairman Howard Dembovsky.

He said JPSA was assured by the department that the exercises in the northern parts of Johannesburg and Pretoria were aimed purely at looking for defective number plates, licence discs and other vehicle or driver defects.

Johannesburg metro police said its officers would not stop motorists for e-tolls.

“The JMPD has no service agreement with Sanral to perform duties for them,” Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar said.

“Our officers are continuing to do current duties such as crime prevention, by-law enforcement and road policing.”

– Sapa


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