Sandile Mantsoe murder trial postponed after ‘new developments’

Sandile Mantsoe. Image: Instagram

The trial was due to start on Monday in the South Gauteng High Court.

The State in the trial of Sandile Mantsoe, who allegedly killed and burnt his girlfriend of eight months Karabo Mokoena, requested a postponement after new developments emerged during consultation with witnesses.

The trial was due to start on Monday in the South Gauteng High Court.

State prosecutor Phakanwiswa Marasela was granted the request and the trial was postponed to March 19.

The State will be calling 19 witnesses to testify against Mantsoe.

During bail application proceedings, the investigating officer in the matter said in an affidavit that Mantsoe had made an admission before a Commissioner of Oaths that he had poured swimming pool acid over Mokoena’s body and set her alight. Mantsoe allegedly said he burnt Mokoena so that he would not be linked to her murder. He allegedly also claimed that she introduced him to traditional rituals.

The investigating officer added that Mantsoe said that he and Mokoena had cuts on their bodies and matching tattoos in the shape of a cross to ensure a lasting bond between them as well as the success of his business. Mantsoe also said he believed the reason his business wasn’t doing well was because it was jinxed after he broke up with her, and the only way he could break the jinx would be to kill her.

Both the families of Mantsoe and Mokoena were present in court.

“While we were consulting with witnesses, we uncovered new developments which prompted us to request a postponement,” National Prosecution Authority Regional spokesperson Phindi Mjonondwane said following proceedings.

The trial is expected to go ahead later this month.

– African News Agency (ANA)

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