Dagga dealer loses appeal



A dagga dealer who was caught with 150kg of the drug in his car, has lost his appeal against his three-year jail sentence and fine of R50 000.

Two North Gauteng High Court Judges this week confirmed the conviction and sentence imposed on Mbusiseni Zwelethini Shezi.

The 42-year-old father of nine was convicted of dealing in drugs and sentenced to six years’ imprisonment, of which half was suspended, as well as a hefty fine or another three years imprisonment.

His car which he used to transport the dagga was forfeited to the state and ordered to be destroyed.

The dagga found in his possession had a conservative street value of R150 000.

Shezi had two previous convictions for the illegal possession of drugs when he was sentenced.

The court in which he was tried borders on Swaziland and regularly hears cases relating to dagga smuggled into South Africa from the kingdom. On the day of his trial, Shezi was one of several accused appearing in that court for drug-related offences.

The magistrate who sentenced him said dealing in dagga was alarmingly prevalent in that district.

Shezi maintained that he was unemployed and had only transported the dagga for someone else for a fee of R3 500 because he was “desperately poor”.

His advocate at the time told the court Shezi could only scape together R5 000 for a fine. However, at the time of his trial, he was the owner of a house in Pumula in Germiston as well as a car which he used the transport the dagga.


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