Ramphele not quitting Agang

FILE PICTURE: Agang SA leader Mamphele Ramphele. Picture: Ofentse Ramaboa

FILE PICTURE: Agang SA leader Mamphele Ramphele. Picture: Ofentse Ramaboa

Agang SA leader Mamphela Ramphele is not quitting.

Party spokesperson Mark Peach yesterday allayed fears that the 67-year-old Ramphele was quitting Agang SA and politics.

Last week the veteran black consciousness leader issued a statement that she was taking time off from politics.

“After such a taxing journey I do need some time and space to settle my mind and body, enjoy time with family and friends, and reconnect with a personal world I have not had time to enjoy for a considerable time now,” she said.

Ramphele repeated what she said when she founded Agang last year that “she was the bridge and would make sure that the reins are handed over at an appropriate time to a new generation of leaders”.

She said she was therefore handing over the Parliamentary reins of Agang SA to the party’s national youth forum co-ordinator Nyameka Mgozulu and chairperson Mike Tshishonga.

Mgozulu and Tshishonga will continue to fight for our principles and to achieve our manifesto within the Assembly, she said.

Peach said Ramphele was not quiting Agang.

“She is 67 years old, and after a huge task of forming the party and gruelling campaigning, she is surely exhausted and needs a rest,” he said.

“She has allowed capable young leaders of the party to carry on the work of the party in parliament,” Peach said.

Ramphele said she would take time off to reflect on the Agang journey and would then return to contribute to building Agang and a winning South Africa.


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