We will not disappoint – Malema

FILE PICTURE: EFF leader Julius Malema greets his supporters. Picture: Alaister Russell

The Economic Freedom Fighters will not disappoint those who voted for them in the fifth national democratic elections, leader Julius Malema said on Saturday.

“We believe that we represent the hope of the hopeless masses of our people and we will not disappoint you,” he told hundreds gathered at Innesfree Park in Sandton.

“The best of the best will represent you.”

Hundreds of EFF supporters cheered and ululated as Malema arrived and joined at the front of the stage to hear him speak.

Malema, dressed in a navy suit and white shirt, arrived shortly after 3pm.

Some clad in Economic Freedom Fighters attire formed a human shield from the park gate leading to the stage as his car pulled up.
The crowd shouted: “Juju, Juju, Juju” as he walked by.

Malema thanked everyone who voted for the party.

“We are very, very, very happy… that you have supported us,” he said.

“Thank you very much. You are brave, you are not scared…. Thank you very much for your courage.”

As Malema spoke, a woman in the crowd shouted: “Thanks to you.”

The party placed third in the 2014 general election, securing 6.35 percent of the vote with 1,169,259 votes.

People were waving EFF posters and their berets in the air as he spoke.

Malema said those who voted for the EFF voted for change and progress.

He said that the EFF leadership would be made to sign contracts to ensure that if they don’t perform they could be recalled.

“You can recall me anytime, I will not take you to court. This position belongs to the EFF and not an individual,” he said to a cheering crowd.

“If I don’t deliver, you can recall me.”

He said the party was sending people to parliament that would use parliament money to strengthen the party.

EFF leadership should raise money to better the life for people, Malema said.

“We can’t build houses but we must try to give our people dignity before we are government,” he said.

“We are not government but we must help the poor.”

Hundreds of people gathered at the park since 10am.”, some arriving in buses, to celebrate the results.

Malema said it was not to celebrate but people had to relax because they worked hard.

“We are very proud of you. We will serve you,” he said.

We are ready to die for you. Your suffering is our suffering. Your pain is our pain. Your misery is our misery.”

Malema said the EFF would not rest until they get a better life for the people of South Africa.

Malema thanked the leadership who stood by him and said the EFF was not a branch of the African National Congress Youth League.

He said no one should fight for positions within the party and that all leaders were equal.

There are no seniors in the EFF, he said.


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