Man nearly lynched by Leratong crowd

NABBED. An alleged robber waits for paramedics to arrive after being assaulted by a crowd in Leratong yesterday. The man was beaten and nearly burnt alive before police intervened. Picture: Refilwe Modise.

His clothing literally ripped off. Left only in his underpants.

Covered in dirt, repeatedly assaulted, kicked, almost necklaced with a burning tyre. Writhing in pain.

He’s surrounded by a crowd of onlookers. They were in a rage – but now their attitude has turned to ridicule.

No mercy.

One of the onlookers goes up to the visibly shocked man, offering him water. He accepts gratefully, but is never given any.

Another offers him the human touch in the form of a helping hand. That too is snatched away when the man reaches out towards him.

Yesterday afternoon, a middle-aged man suffered the wrath of an angry mob in Leratong, Krugersdorp, west of Johannesburg. He and three other accomplices had allegedly attempted to rob a ta-vern in the area.

His three alleged co-conspirators managed to flee. The man, whose age and name are unknown, was unable to get away.

The mob began seeking justice shortly after the alleged robbery occurred at midday.

Just as they had nearly finished the man off, the police arrived and the man was cordoned off.

When an ambulance arrived almost two hours after the incident, the man was put on a stretcher. But there was a look of resignation on his face.

It is not known if he survived the incident after being taken away. But remnants of a burning tyre in the sand will be a stark reminder for some time of what occurred on that fateful day.


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