Sanral ‘lying’ about e-toll summons – JPSA

FILE PICTURE: An e-toll gantry. Picture: Alaister Russell

FILE PICTURE: An e-toll gantry. Picture: Alaister Russell

The SA National Roads Agency Ltd’s (Sanral) denial that it was issuing final demands and summonses has been rubbished by Justice Project South Africa (JPSA).

Sanral’s “head doesn’t appear to know what the tail is doing”, charged JPSA chairperson Howard Dembovsky.

Sanral spokesperson Vusi Mona told The Citizen that no final demand invoices have issued.

“SANRAL has sent communication as final reminder of outstanding payment, but no final demand invoices,” said Mona.

It had not requested any summons to be issued by the National Prosecuting Authority.

“We are still following the normal process of following up on outstanding toll fees. The issuing of summons is the last resort. We would much rather have road-users register for their e-toll accounts thereby avoiding the legal route.”

But Dembovsky was not buying it.

He accused the entity and it’s Violations Processing Center (VPC) of being untruthful.

“If this is true then it simply means that the Sanral VPC is lying to people in its emails.”

JPSA claims to have received information through emails which counters Mona’s comments.

The emails read to the effect that “a letter of demand has been issued” and “a summons has been issued”.

It was allegedly received by a company on May 2, 2014.

“There is no denying this fact,” said Dembovsky.

In the statement the JPSA clarify that both emails were verified and originated from

“JPSA would not have put out its release on Tuesday 6 May 2014 if we had not verified the authenticity of the emails prior to doing so.”

Sanral’s VPC is run by the ETC consortium.

It is understood that TMT Services (Pty) Ltd, a Kapsch-owned Austrian company is responsible for running the VPC.

“While it is not unusual for TMT Services to engage in intimidation tactics and stray from the truth in order to achieve their objectives, there are laws prohibiting such tactics, but for some reason TMT Services and others don’t seem to be of the opinion that laws apply to them.

“Surely, if what Sanral says about not having issued any Final Demands or approached the NPA for the issue of summonses, TMT Services can be said to be deliberately lying to members of the public in the intimidating emails that they send to them?”

Further comment from Sanral on the matter is still being obtained.


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