South Africa 5.5.2014 02:54 pm

‘Mr Zuma, your time is up’ video goes viral


Two days before the national elections, a hip hop music video calling for President Jacob Zuma to step down is doing the rounds on social media.

Titled “Mr President”, the song is performed by Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh, the son of Dali Mpofu, the Gauteng Premier candidate for the Economic Freedom Fighters . The video which was released at 8pm on Sunday night has already received 1,407 views.

In it, images are portrayed of police brutality, e-tolls, the Nkandla debacle, the Gupta plane landing and the Marikana “massacre” to name a few. It has been tweeted by leading members of the DA, the EFF, and Agang, according to Mpofu-Walsh.

“The president needs to understand that people aren’t simply going to sweep the disasters of the last decade under the carpet anymore. We will not stop until accountability is seen on every last misdemeanour.”

“Zuma can try to fool the media at breakfasts and press briefings but he will not fool the people anymore, his time is running out.”

A record 25.3 million South Africans are registered and ready to vote in the May 7th poll, with 2.3 million new voters added onto voters’ roll for the first time since November, 2013. Of these new voters, 1.1 million are under the age of 30, he continued.

Undecided urban voters between the ages of 18 and 30 are a crucial segment of the South African electorate.

“I think young people understand that for our democracy to function properly, Zuma has to face the music sooner or later,” said Mpofu-Walsh.

The video has already been getting some attention on social media:

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