Man drove around with bleeding girlfriend after stabbing her, North West court hears

The accused told the court that he stabbed his 25-year-old girlfriend in the back after they had an argument.

A man accused of stabbing his girlfriend drove with her for at least three hours until she bled to death, the Bafokeng Magistrate’s Court in Tlhabane heard on Tuesday.

“It is hurting that he drove around with my daughter in his car, she was still alive and lost a lot of blood, resulting in her death,” Stephinah Mthini told the court.

Mthini was testifying in the murder case of William Mthimkhulu who stabbed Mpho Mthini in December last year.

“I trusted him with my daughter, whenever they had problems, Mthimkhulu will tell me, I do not know why he did not tell me. He stabbed my daughter,” Mthini said sobbing.

“No sentence, whether ten years or life will bring back my daughter. He will be in prison, his mother will be able to see him. In my case I will never see my daughter again. Put him in jail for ever, it will not bring my daughter.”

The court adjourned briefly after Mthini went hysterical.

Mthini told the court that her four-year-old granddaughter ran away when she saw a car resembling her father’s car.

“I do not know how she will relate to the men in [the] future. She cries at night calling her mother’s name,” Mthini said.

“My granddaughter also cries when she saw a coffin on television, she said there is someone inside it like her mother.”

Mthimkhulu was convicted of killing Mpho Mthini after he pleaded guilty on July 7, in his plea, he told the court that he stabbed his 25-year-old girlfriend in the back after they had an argument in Lethabong near Rustenburg on December 4, 2016.

He then drove with the body to the Rustenburg Police Station where he reported the matter and handed himself to the police.

Mitigating for sentence Mthimkhulu said through his lawyer that he was supporting his three children financially and sentencing him to prison would punish the children he supported. He indicated in court that he was paying R4100 to his children every month.

He added that the court should consider that he pleaded guilty and never challenge the evidence of the State and further that he was a first time offender.

The case was postponed to October 25 for sentencing.


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