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Cape’s bright young minds show their stuff at Eskom Expo for Young Scientists

Picture: AFP

Picture: AFP

Learners have responded to the problems faced in the Cape, such as the lack of water and energy.

Hundreds of school pupils are presenting their projects to judges at this year’s Eskom Expo for Young Scientists regional science fair in Cape Town, the power utility said on Saturday.

“This year’s Eskom Expo boasts 732 entrants – a combination of individual and group projects – across 24 categories from 56 different schools, 10 of which had never participated in the Eskom Expo before,” Eskom said in a statement.

The entrants were competing for bronze, silver, and gold medals, and the chance to go through to the international science fair in October. There were also three bursary-style prizes up for grabs, as well as special prizes in each category.

The Eskom Expo exposed bright young minds looking at the world around them, asking questions about what they saw and figuring out how to fix problems faced by society, and then sharing those ideas with fellow pupils and judges who had forged careers across many scientific disciplines.

Various exhibitors from organisations such as the water affairs department, the University of Cape Town (UCT) chemistry department and the Centre for High Performance Computing, would give the pupils a glimpse into exciting careers in science.

Opening the expo for primary and junior school pupils, Professor Susan Bourne of the UCT chemistry department said she was impressed by the quality of the pupils’ work.

“This year I’m delighted to see how many learners have responded to the problems that we’re facing in the Cape, like the lack of water and energy. It’s fantastic to see young scientists paying attention to the things that society needs,” she said.

A number of the projects focused on water conservation, as well as techniques for preventing evaporation and water wastage.

“Participating in the Eskom Expo gives you so many opportunities for your future. I mean, Mark Shuttleworth started here. As organisers of the Eskom Expo, we look forward to reading about these learners’ scientific journeys for years to come,” regional science fair director Olga Peel said.

– African News Agency (ANA)

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