Police Ministry’s head of office under fire for comments on women abuse

Picture: Facebook

Picture: Facebook

He has since apologised saying that he commented on the matter without adequate advice.

Deputy Minister of Police, Bongani Mkongi’s Head of Office has come under fire for his Facebook comments on women abuse.

In a Facebook post on Monday Jabu Mfusi wrote: “In defense of Mduduzi Manana, in respect of violence against women and children. He is one of our own; not my friend, very junior to me. I respect him. He is not equal to the accusation. He was provoked beyond limit. I love the young man, my Deputy Minister. Be strong my leader”.

Mfusi’s post comes after Deputy Minister of Higher Education Mduduzi Manana allegedly assaulted a woman at a nightclub in Johannesburg.

The incident reportedly happened at Cubana early on Sunday morning, following a heated argument about the African National Congress (ANC) succession debate. The woman allegedly called Manana gay before the alleged assault ensued.

The assault reportedly continued outside in a parking lot. One of the complainants, identified as Mandisa Duma, said she reported the assault at the Douglasdale Police Station. Photographs showing bruises on her head, neck and leg circulated on social media on Sunday night.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the Police Ministry distanced itself from Mfusi’s remarks.

“We wish to register our regret profoundly that our Head of Office Mr Jabu Mfusi would make a reckless statement on the matter relating to women abuse through his Facebook post,”  the statement read.

Mkongi added that he was “strongly angered by Mfusi’s utterances”. Mokongi has since instructed Mfusi to retract the statement made on social media.

“We have taken to ourselves as the Police Ministry as a matter of principle to fight against gender based violence,” Mokongi said.

“It is our considered view that violence against women goes against our struggle values and principles which prioritises equality.”

In a subsequent Facebook post Mfusi has since apologised saying that he commented on the matter without adequate advice.


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