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11 Apr 2014
4:57 pm

SA crime down – UN report

The United Nations' latest report on crime shows South Africa has halved its murder rate, government said in a statement on Friday.

Members of the SAPS and JMPD attend to a crime scene where a biker was shot dead in an apparent road rage incident, 14 February 2014, in Kya Sands, on Malibongwe Drive. Allegedly the biker and a motorist faced off, with both men armed and discharging their guns. The motorist was also shot and is in a critical condition in hospital. Picture: Michel Bega

“Government has and continues to, through the justice, crime, prevention and security cluster, ensure that steps are taken to fight and reduce crime,” government spokeswoman Phumla Williams said.

She said the SA Police Service statistics from 2012/2013 revealed that there was a significant and constant reduction of murder.
Williams said the UN’s report hailed South Africa’s trend of halving the murder rate from 64.5 per 100,000 people in 1995 to 31 in 2012.

“This study is in line with what we already know, and working on improving,” she said.

“South Africa has broken the cycle of violence, and this is evident by the steady decrease of the murder rate by more than 50 percent.”

Williams said through the country’s judicial system, many perpetrators of violent crimes, including murder, had faced the might of the law, and had received appropriate sentences.

– Sapa