The #GuptaEmails are authentic, says Malema

Julius Malema takes South African men to task. Picture: Yeshiel Panchia

The EFF leader, whose predictions have proven to be reliable, has shared what the next emails will reveal about the Guptas.

EFF leader Julius Malema has again taken to social media to share his predictions on the alleged Gupta emails that have been leaked, detailing what the controversial family has been up to.

Though those who have been implicated in the emails have dismissed them as fake news, the EFF leader said they were authentic. According to Malema, there are more emails that still need to be leaked, further claiming to know the contents already.

“Next emails will be dealing with money movements of the Guptas and all those who are associated with them,” he said.

Malema early last year, in a press conference, alleged that President Jacob Zuma visited the United Arab Emirates to drop off R6 billion belonging to the Guptas.

“Zuma was in UAE recently in Dubai. That was not an official visit, it was a personal one. Zuma took money to UAE. That is where they are dumping money. The Guptas have taken R6 billion to Dubai.

“Zuma goes to Dubai on some unexplained trip. Why did Zuma go to Dubai? Because when Zuma travels, he doesn’t get searched by customs. He left with bags of money to be dumped in Dubai. That is where they are dumping our money with the Guptas,” said the EFF leader at the time.

Perhaps the emails Malema claims exist will provide more information on this.

BLF leader Andile Mngxitama, also mentioned in emails after allegedly asking for funding from the Guptas, did not deny doing it, but disputed the “lies” that the funding was granted.

He further alleged there were many political parties that got funding from the family.

“What we know is that its the Democratic Alliance and many other political parties that got funding from the Gupta family. The Gupta family has not been found guilty of any criminal activities.”

Mngxitama further challenged all political parties to reveal the sources of their funding and “stop the hypocrisy”.

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