Video: Woman escapes trigger-happy hijackers

Morningside Hijack. Print Screen.

Morningside Hijack. Print Screen.

A 22-year-old estate agent last week protected her family and saved her own life as she sped away from an attempted hijacking.

The ordeal, which the suspects fired shots at her BMW as she drove away, was caught on video.

Tash Rossen, who is also a part-time student, was returning to her Morningside, Johannesburg home from college when she was attacked by three suspects who had allegedly been following her.

Rossen said she noticed the white Mercedes-Benz SUV as she was driving from college as the windows were open and music was blaring, but did not think anything of it.

“They obviously kept a safe following distance as I only saw them again as I turned into the driveway. They were driving very fast,” Rossen┬ásaid.

Two of the suspects then climbed out of their car and stormed the her car in an attempt to gain entry into her car. The one suspect approached the driver’s side and the other moved to the passenger side.

“These two guys were trying to hit my windows out with their guns, I was trying to lock the car but pressed the wrong button and accidently opened the window slightly,” she said.

“The one was smiling at me and pointing the gun at me as I opened the window.”

She did not know whether the guns were real or not but the only thing racing through her head was that if she let them get into the car they would kill her and then get into the house and attack her mother and brother who were home at the time.

“All I thought about was that they would kill my family, I can’t let them in, I need to keep my family safe,” she said.

The brave and very determined young woman then reversed the car narrowly missing the suspects’ vehicle and sped away down the street making her way to Sandton police station. The suspects then fired several shots at the car, following her for a short distance as she raced off to safety.

“On my way to the station I phoned my mother who had heard the shots being fired and told her to lock up the house and phone the cops as I had just been shot at,” she said.

Shortly after the two suspects climbed back into their vehicle and fled the scene.

Police said that there were five shots fired of which two had hit the car.

Captain Kym Cloete confirmed a case of attempted murder had been opened.


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